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Free Home Evaluation

Offered by Aaron Harrington 

When it comes to home evaluations, we strive for accuracy in an ever-changing market.  We do not employ automated methods and take a personal approach to each valuation.  

If we need to ask a few questions, it helps to indicate your preferred method of contact.  We respect your privacy and all interactions are confidential.  

Thank you for visiting us today and sharing some details about your home!


Thank you for your interest.  Our goal is to make this a fair process for every interested buyer. Offers will be reviewed upon receipt.


Buyer Checklist:

  • Highest and best price

  • Minimum 3% Earnest Money

  • Ticor Title and Escrow Please

To better serve those with a genuine interest in this home, we respectfully request you enter your name and email (agents) so we may communicate equally with all interested parties.  Providing contact details allows access to the inspection report.

Download Additional Information

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